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This is my blog for all things lure fishing. When I first started Luretour I wanted to make it pretty much a news and reviews site and while I will continue to post reviews and hopefully will also report on interesting news, I’m going to turn luretour into much more of a personal blog.

Avon pike 6




  1. Peter Holtes says:

    Yasei: Yust a few weeks to go…..

  2. Cracking site John and Gary
    real breath of fresh air to the stagnant sites floating around as of late.
    keep it up guys

    all the best Danny

  3. Oh and iv added a direct link to you guys over on my Blog


  4. Kev Taylor says:

    Well done John & Gary ! Interesting to read that 4 Plays have gone soft – looking forward to getting hold of some of them asap. Been using the original 4 Plays since they came out and my collection keeps growing, as they put many big predators on the bank. Looking forward to reading about other new lure releases.

    Keep up the great work !

    Kev Taylor
    LAS – Fenland & East Anglia Chapter.