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  1. Rob says:

    A fantastic web site, very informative.

  2. Yoggy says:

    Cracking site Lads, i wish you great success.

  3. Kato says:

    Excellent site folks! really enjoyed what i’ve read so far and now you’ve got a toad, er, Eric joining you! 😉

  4. micky jones says:

    the herky jerkys are great fish catchers picked up a few in sweden last summer and they have been just as successful in scotland,be great to see them for sale in the u.k.

    great site by the way!

  5. Richard Harvey says:

    Just Stumbled across this site after following a link for LAS Zed event , lots to read on here yet.
    Just read the review on the Salmo Sweeper jerkbait, I had seen the Salmo Sweeper for the 1st time just the other week on Artur’s and was tempted to buy one but as i had never even heard of the the Sweeper i didn’t .
    Your review was useful as it described the lures actions and that is exactly the sort of info i needed to make my mind up.
    I intend to order one now, of course , whether it will work for me and my technique remains to be seen but I think it will.
    Loads more for me to read on here, keep up the good work lads !

  6. Jamie says:

    Good site lads , keep it up .

  7. harley wells says:

    good site and very infomative

  8. shb900 says:

    Great site lads some cracking fish keep up the good work

  9. Paul Parnell says:

    Very helpful , site lots of good information about different productise I have brought a few lures off the back of this site . Thanks John