AGM Micro-Crayfish Review by John Cheyne

Lure Name Micro-Crayfish
Manufacturer AGM Products
Lure Type Soft Bait Creature
Length 3.8cm (1.5″)
Weight 0.5g
Price £1.35 for 10

Judging by the posts I see on Facebook and the LAS Forum, it would seem that more and more people are fishing with Ultra Lite lures these days and many of them are targeting non predatory fish too. Personally I tend to use lures that are just a bit bigger than what more would consider ultra-lite, however while fishing for perch a few weeks ago I had a nice 2lb fish spit out a tiny, perfectly formed crayfish in the net. The little cray wan’t more than an inch long and it set me to thinking about how I might go about catching these fish more readily in gin clear water and bright light conditions. Subtlety was obviously the order of the day and so I ordered some of these little Crays from Allan at AGM and gave them a go.

First Impressions

I have to admit my very first impression of these little lures was “How Much !!” but for once I wasn’t shocked by how expensive a lure was, I was shocked by how cheap they were. These lovely little critters sell for just  £1.35 for a pack of 10 which is amazing value. My next thought was…hey these are cute ! in fact these are one of the few lures my 17 year old daughter actually liked, although her cry of “oooohh Mini Lobsters, they’re sweet !” didn’t help me feel like a macho angler.

The lures themselves are very nicely  made with lovely details for such small lures. The legs, claws and feelers are all individually moulded and despite their size there was very little in the way of “flash or extra plastic that needed to be cleaned up. The Green Pummpkin/red colour scheme is a real winner as it’s very close to the actual colour of the mini cray the perch spat out and the material is lovely and soft, but firm enough to take a hook solidly. They are advertised as being Aniseed scented, although they just smell vaguely of soft plastic to me.

Rigging the Lures

having had a good look at them I decided the best way to rig them was with a small jig head. Crays spend the vast majority of their time on the bottom, so although I’m sure they would take fish if drop shotted, it would look a bit unnatural to me to have them suspended 6 inches of the bottom and jigging about. Luckily I had a pack of AGM Size 8, 2g Finesse jig heads, which seem just about perfect size wise and take the whole lure up to a whacking 2.5g in weight. In case you’ve never seen a crayfish swim, they flick their tails and actually swim backwards, so unless you are only going to move your lure an inch at a time as though the cray was walking along the bottom, then it’s best to rig your lure backwards, so that it moves naturally when he tweak it off the bottom.

The 2g Finesse Jighead from AGM

The tiny crafish all rigged and ready to go.

The tiny crafish all rigged and ready to go.

One thing I quickly decided was that I wasn’t going to use a wire trace with this lure. To be honest at 1.5 inches, it’s absolutely tiny, so not very attractive to pike and there was no way I was going to get the presentation right with a big piece of 20lb wire leader attached. So instead I used 6lb FC. If you have qualms about using little lures like this without wire, then you can always de-barb the hook and I doubt any tiny jack that hits it would have any trouble shaking it free.

The Micro-Crays ready for Battle !!

The Micro-Crays ready for Battle !!

Testing Time

These little lures need a delicate rod to work them properly, so I fished them with my Majorcraft Volkey VKS 66L which is rated to cast 1.8g – 7g. . Fishing with lures this light is only really possible effectively in shallow water. So I headed for a stretch of clear canal that is only 3-4 foot deep in most places. Despite it’s size the little lure casts reasonably well as long as you’re using the right tackle and I had no problems flicking it into the central channel and them slowly skipping and bumping it up the slop and onto the marginal shelf. If you tie the lure on with a tiny little Rapala knot it gives an articulated connection and allows the lure to move much more freely than one tied hard to the FC leader.

The Rapala Knot is a great way of making sure a tied on leader doesn’t restrict the movement of the lure.

It didn’t take too long for the fish to get interested, although the first follow I got was from a small shoal of 4 inch roach ! After that I soon found some small perch and pretty soon I had a nice little stripey on the bank

The Micro-Cray tricks it's first victim !

The Micro-Cray tricks it’s first victim !

I managed about another six of these little perch before I switched to different lures on the first day, but I couldn’t attract any better fish. The next time out it was a good deal colder and the water if anything was even clearer. Once again I flicked out the little Crayfish and this time I had found some slightly better Perch. First I hooked and lost a decent fish, then I netted a Stripey of about a pound. Being so small there isn’t a lot of movement from these lures, so don’t expect any sexy action from the legs or claws as you retrieve. They may look a little boring in the water, but the fish don’t seem to mind !

Still not massive, but on a cold, clear day, a good result.

Still not massive, but on a cold, clear day, a good result.


These tiny lures are beautifully made and an absolute bargain. I’m really looking forward to fishing them in warmer weather when I’m sure I will be able to tempt all sorts of interesting coarse fish into having a go. You do need to have the right rod to use them, but as long as you have a tool capable of handling very small lures, you are going to have a lot of fun with these little guys.

Build Quality Nicely made, good soft but hard wearing plastic. (8/10)
Quality of finish Nice colour and good detail considering how small they are. (8/10)
Performance You need the right rod and a very light leader to get the best out of them, but in tough clear conditions they will get you the odd bonus fish. (7/10)
Value For Money Brilliant value. Where else can you get 10 lures for less than £2 (10/10)
Variety of Options Available AGM also do these lures in a muddy brown colour called Pumpkinseed, but we much prefer the Watermelon/red ones. (5/10)
TackleTart Factor Cheap and cheerful, yet kinda cool ! (7/10)
Overall great little lures that will help you tempt fish in clear water when an Ultra subtle approach is needed. (7.5/10)


The Micro-Crays are awarded a Silver Medal by LureTour

For full details of lures are available here AGM FISHING

The Pumkinseed coloured version


  1. Peter says:

    As bottom dwellers I tried to rig mine weedless on the smallest EWG hook worm hook that Gamakatsu make which is the size #4 G-Lock, but they simply don’t seem to sit very well on a EWG worm hook so I think either a size #6 or #8 jig head is definitely the way to go with these tiny crays.